What will MIUI 11 offer


In a relatively short period of time, MIUI has become one of the popular shells. She attracted attention with her originality and a large number of functions that made her flexible in terms of transforming her appearance. At the moment, the current version of the firmware is 10 serial number. But at the end of last year, the company announced that it was preparing MIUI 11, naturally, promising that the firmware would be even better and more perfect. The other day, the head of the software development department of Xiaomi shared some details about the changes that MIUI 11 brings with it.

According to the top manager of the company, the potential of MIUI 10 is not fully disclosed, and it is very likely that MIUI 11 will only be an improved version of its predecessor. They promise the emergence of the ubiquitous dark theme Dark Mode. The browser and third-party applications will be dark. Must rework the notification line, redraw the icons and screenshots can be automatically deleted after the image is sent to some addressee. In the struggle for survivability must implement the latest energy-saving mode. Its activation will lead to the fact that the user can only make calls and send notifications, and the usual interface theme will give way to the dark mode and all for the sake of austerity battery charge. According to rumors, the announcement of MIUI 11 will be held on June 27.