Video: how Samsung tested the Galaxy Fold


We are sure that you also remember how long we were promised a revolution in the smartphone market and the emergence of flexible devices. Finally, after several years of hard work, Galaxy Fold came into being and in a month they would start a “census” of those who are ready to give at least $ 1980 for this experimental product. Shortly before the start of sales, Samsung released the video as an indication that they created the Galaxy Fold with a decent margin of safety and reliability.

So that smartphones did not fall apart and there were no problems with their design features, they were repeatedly folded and laid out during the testing phase, and special equipment was used for this. The manufacturer himself declares that the Galaxy Fold will withstand 200 thousand opening / closing cycles and this should be enough for 5 years, provided that the user performs up to hundreds of manipulations with the device transformation every day. By the way, on the video you will be able to estimate the size of the gap that is formed when the device is folded. Yesterday we published a review by XDA Developers chief editor, who did not notice any problems with the operation of the connecting hinge. But he confirmed that it was not without a fold at the fold, although it is not too noticeable.