The second beta version of Android Q has been released.


Less than a month after the appearance of the first beta version of Android Q, yesterday Google rolled out the second test build “dozens”. As in the case of the debut version of the firmware, you can install the update only on smartphones from the Google Pixel line.

Among the most notable innovations worth noting is the Bubbles feature, which is well known to Facebook Messenger users and is positioned as a new way of multitasking. Its essence is that when a new notification arrives in the messenger, a round icon will appear on the smartphone screen with the addressee’s avatar. Tap on the icon, you can open the chat and reply to the message. In addition, Bubbles will allow you to respond to notifications of several interlocutors and switch between them without opening the application itself and without interrupting the process of working with another application. And this feature will work on various messengers. Android Q developers will integrate Bubbles into the operating system notification system, which will allow utility developers to offer this feature without problems.

Among other things, there is support for the MicrophoneDirection API, which is a set of tools for application developers to enable certain microphones to be activated based on the tasks at hand.