The price of Xiaomi Mi 9 has grown.


In the second half of March, the price of Xiaomi Mi 9 significantly increased against the background of problems associated with the production of the flagship. Whether the demand for a new product has significantly exceeded the expectations of the company’s management, or if it is too optimistic about the capabilities of its conveyor, or there is a delay in the supply of the necessary components.

At the moment, the stocks of Xiaomi Mi 9 in the warehouses in the Middle Kingdom have practically run out, making it impossible to buy it directly from the manufacturer. At dealers, the cost of the flagship is now 3,500 yuan in the case of a basic modification that has 6 Gb of operational memory and 128 Gb of internal memory.

At the same time, the recommended price of Xiaomi Mi 9 at the time of the start of sales in China was 2999 yuan, which is almost $ 70 less than the current price. They say that the more advanced versions of the smartphone and not buy at all. And when the situation is destroyed – it is not entirely clear. Also sales of the “lightweight” Mi 9 SE are inhibited.

According to the head of Xiaomi Lei Zong, the company plans to resume sales in the very near future and will put on sale a special batch in the amount of one million copies. And if this is not done, he will personally go to the plant and will be involved in the assembly until it is released.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Price

Sales are expected to resume March 19. However, most experts, and even ordinary users, are very skeptical about this date. Xiaomi Mi 9 turned out to be a very difficult product to manufacture, and so the issue with the expansion of the issue is not solved.

It is worth noting that even a million handsets are unlikely to cover global demand for Xiaomi Mi 9. This means that the release of a new flagship in many countries of the world is being postponed. And this sad list, apparently, includes Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.

On the other hand, the current situation plays into the hands of the second-hand dealers, who managed to stock up with “nines” in the first days of sales. And if in the Middle Kingdom the price of Xiaomi Mi 9 rose by only 70 dollars, then outside of China it can be sold even more expensive.