The European Commission fined Google for abusing the online advertising market


The European Commission has fined Google 1.49 billion euros. The reason – violation of antitrust laws of the eurozone. In its decision, the commission indicated that the Internet giant was found guilty of abusing its dominant position in the market. The point is that when entering into contracts with third-party websites to display online advertising on the network, they introduced a number of restrictions on displaying competitor advertising on search result pages. And this practice has become the norm for the Internet giant over the past 10 years.


Google through the contextual advertising service AdSense acts as an intermediary between advertisers and website owners, and also helps in finding information on the Internet and directly on the site. The commission notes that Google is a strong player in intermediary advertising and its market share reached 60% in 2016. But over the past two years, the company has further increased its advantage, and its share in individual markets has grown to 90%. It got to the point that Microsoft and Yahoo can not sell advertising space on the search result pages in Google search engines. Giant purposefully introduced a monopoly on AdSense, banning web resources to use alternative services. Since 2019, Google has also begun to require resources to obtain from her written approval, if necessary, to make changes to any advertisements of competitors. All the actions of the American giant led to the fact that competitors could not place any search ads on the most commercially significant websites. A policy of “relaxed exclusivity” was imposed, aiming to reserve space for its advertisements on the most popular sites.

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