Scammers tricked Apple and earned $ 895,000

Apple logo

Having developed a simple fraud scheme, two enterprising students from China studying in the United States managed to get almost $ 895 thousand from Apple. They were able to earn this amount by deceiving employees of authorized service centers and Apple stores during 2017-2019. They managed to smuggle several thousand counterfeit and counterfeit iPhones from the territory of China into the United States, which they later handed in for replacement because of the refusal to turn them on.


The inability to activate smartphones led to the fact that employees of service centers could not check them for authenticity and use of certified components. As a result, they replaced the iPhone, which was sent back to China for subsequent sale. In this uncomplicated and fraudulent way, two students managed to get 1493 brand new cell phones. With an average cost of each of them $ 600, the cunning guys managed to earn an average of $ 895 thousand. Now they face trial on charges of deliberate misrepresentation in order to enrich. Curiously, both students solemnly assure that they did not know that smartphones handed in for exchange are fake.

Apple grabs 60% of wireless headphone market share

Apple’s decision to abandon the 3.5 mm jack was the impetus that led to a rapid increase in demand for wireless headphones. And that means who as apple corporation is the market leader in fully wireless audio solutions. Well-known research company Counterpoint Researsh, after analyzing the data, came to the conclusion that by the end of 2018, AirPods were the most popular model on the market and Apple’s share was 60%. In quantitative terms, 7.5 million Apple headphones were sold. And only in the 4th quarter 12.5 million headsets were sold.

On the second line was Jabra and the list of those who interfered with the distribution of the share in the market of wireless headsets included: Samsung, QCY, JBL, B & O, Huawei, Bose, Britz, Sony and other manufacturers. The top 5 most popular headphones included AirPods, Habra Elite Active 65t, Samsung Gear IconX, JLab JBuds Air TW and Bose SoundSport Free. Analysts have come to the conclusion that against the background of the fact that an increasing number of companies are entering the market of wireless headphones with their solutions, the competition will be felt more acutely. But hardly anything will prevent Apple and in the next few years to be the leader in this segment. Especially the company’s position is strong in North America, and this region accounted for 24% of all sales. But in China, Apple does not feel at ease QCY, Honor, Edifier and ENKOR, whose headphones are most popular in this country.