Gaming smartphone Razer Phone 3


In February of this year, it became known that Razer fired most of the employees involved in creating smartphones and software for them. At the same time, many talked about the fact that the company abandoned its ambitions to conquer the market of mobile phones and Razer Phone 3 will not work. But just last week, a press release about the partnership of Tencent and Razer gave a hint that the well-known manufacturer of gaming peripherals did not leave any attempts to create an optimal gaming smartphone. This was also confirmed by the CEO of the company Min-Liang Tan in his interview with Engadget.

He said that the first two smartphones offered everything they wanted to see in this type of device. At this stage, Razer prioritizes software, optimizing and improving gameplay. To achieve the goal, the company cooperates with various game developers. The main task is to make the software as much as possible adapted to the hardware. Declared the desire for “standardization” in the gaming industry, allowing the maximum unlock the resources of modern smartphones. Min-Liang Tan said that despite the past cuts, they have a large team of engineers and all the necessary resources are available to create a new smartphone. And they hope to create the best gaming smartphone. But when this happens, the head of the company is not informed.