Photos of Redmi Pro 2 turned out to be fake


Renderers and photos of allegedly the new Redmi smartphone with a Snapdragon 855-based front camera began to spread across the network. The original source, the Chinese social network Weibo, is not always a reliable information provider, but it is not uncommon when rumors come from there that are later confirmed. Therefore, we were also among those who decided to publish images and pictures of the smartphone Redmi Pro 2.

But the renders and photos turned out to be fake. The device in yesterday’s pictures is no Redmi at all, but one of the U-series Energizer smartphones, which debuted in February of this year. This conclusion was reached by a number of authoritative sources after a close study of the photos, doubting their authenticity. He left no doubt that the photo was a fake and the head of Redmi, Liu Weibing, who succinctly commented on the question of one of the company’s fans about the possibility of a smartphone going out with a retractable camera – “this will not happen”.

Conversations that the “budget” flagship Redmi Pro 2 with the top SoC Snapdragon 855 came to light came from the light hand of the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun, who after the release of Redmi Note 7 announced plans to release such a model. The head of Redmi confirmed the release of this mobile phone, but offered to be patient, because in the near future it will not work.