Photo of the smartphone and cover for Meizu 16S

Meizu 16S

Meizu has a hazy future. Someone says that we will witness the sunset of the once largest manufacturer of smartphones in China, and someone is sure that nothing fatal happens to the company and it will cope with all financial problems. The manufacturer itself remains silent, which only adds fuel to the fire of disputes about the prospects of Meizu. At the moment, the company is focused on the upcoming announcement of the flagship Meizu 16S and Meizu 16S Plus. Photos of the facade of the first of the newcomers, as well as a cover prepared for a mobile phone, appeared on the net.

Meizu 16s

If you describe in a few words the design of the Meizu 16S is minimalist and elegant. There are no fanciful elements and pathos. But they did a great job on the frames around the screen, making them minimal. The smartphone looks neat and everything is symmetrical. It did without any cuts, suggesting small indents on the ends. But the shots of the case brought a surprise. If earlier on the network flashed renders, showing us the presence of Meizu 16S triple camera, located in the center of the upper part of the rear panel, the cover indicates that it is shifted to the left corner. They will offer two or three modules here, we cannot say for certain. Here they could offer a dual rear camera, and install a LED flash below. We can not exclude the fact that from the circular LED-flash could refuse, making it miniature and integrating into one module with two sensors. It seems that confirmed rumors that the new flagship Meizu lost 3.5 mm audio jack. Unfortunately, the date of the announcement is unknown.

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