OnePlus will introduce DC Dimming technology in their smartphones


An increasing number of manufacturers are switching to OLED panels when creating smartphones. Thus, according to analysts, according to the results of this year, the share of devices with OLED displays will exceed 50%. Along with the growing popularity of screens with LEDs made from organic materials, DC Dimming technology will become increasingly common, allowing you to automatically adapt the brightness of the display based on ambient light, and also help reduce eye strain. So, among the latest innovations that have received support for this technology, it is worth noting Black Shark 2 and Xiaomi Mi 9. The last of the named flagships received a feature with the arrival of the update.

Now it is reported that the introduction of DC Dimming technology in their smartphones engaged in the company OnePlus and Oppo. So, OnePlus experts reported that they have completed its testing and soon with the arrival of beta versions of the firmware for developers, it will appear on the company’s latest flagships. Subsequently, the feature will be available to all users. Vivo and Meizu also showed their interest in DC Dimming, which have already announced that they will implement it in their future flagships.