Oneplus 7 painted in gradient colors


OnePlus 7 is one of the expected smartphones in 2019, which will again trigger other flagships in the market. That this model will be able to oppose competitors, we will reliably find out during the release, and, of course, the most important question is whether it will still have a price tag attractive and attractive. They promise that when looking at the front panel, we will not find any cuts and “holes”. This time it was decided to focus on Vivo and its smartphones with a sliding selfie camera. And now, when designing mobile phones, the gradient has become fashionable and it is expected that onePlus 7 will follow the trend with iridescent shades.

The network has the image of the flagship in three gradient colors: yellow, purple and blue. Renders show us that the upper part of the back cover of the first two devices will be black with the transition to the color scheme. The third mobile phone will offer a transition from blue to gray. It is already known that the main points of attraction OnePlus 7 will be Snapdragon 855, AMOLED-screen display fingerprint reader, proprietary fast charging technology and a triple main camera. Estimated time of release – May or June 2019.