OnePlus 6T fell in China. What is it for?


It has been less than six months since the OnePlus introduced the flagship OnePlus 6T and it was decided to downgrade its cost. In China, the price of the flagship is reduced by an average of $ 60 for all modifications compared to the original prices. Thus, the cost of a smartphone in the junior configuration from 6/128 GB of memory fell to $ 442 against $ 506 at the start of sales. The price list of the version from 8/128 GB dropped from $ 538 to $ 476, while for the top 8/256 GB modification they are now asking for $ 538, whereas it appeared on the market with a price tag of $ 595.

As a rule, such a situation with a decrease in prices means that the demand for a smartphone has fallen or a new generation of the flagship is expected soon. Many experts are inclined to see the prerequisites for the speedy appearance of OnePlus 7 and the company simply clears warehouses and store shelves for the new model. As soon as the release of the “seven”, there is no exact data. For his part, the head of the company, Pete Lau, recently announced at one of the forums that they would not rush to release the flagship. About OnePlus 7 it is known that this will be a full-screen mobile phone with a front-facing periscope camera, it will receive a Snapdragon 855, at least 6 GB of RAM, proprietary fast charging technology, a triple back camera and a display biometric sensor.

Will OnePlus launch WarpTen technology on April 1st?

The world is preparing for tomorrow’s April Fools ’boom. However, marketers OnePlus, it seems, decided to prepare in advance.

OnePlus 6T

Yesterday, a teaser for an electric vehicle with charging from WarpTen appeared on the Web. Those who have been following the OnePlus company for a long time probably doubt that it will be the electric car that will be presented on April 1 – it’s much more likely that the company will introduce fast charging with WarpTen technology with a power of 30 W. Perhaps the maximum that can be expected is a small announcement of an electric vehicle, revealing its likely characteristics or some hints about the design features, appearance or features of interaction with OnePlus smartphones.

However, today a second teaser appeared, which, well, very transparently hints at the electric vehicle of streamlined shapes. It is difficult to believe in its appearance, so we can assume that the silhouette of a “racing” electric car symbolizes the speed of charging devices that support the technology WarpTen. It is very likely that the new fast-charging technology will be announced tomorrow, and the OnePlus 7 that supports it will appear sometime in May.