Motorola P40 Play shown on the renderers


In 2004, Motorola occupied almost 30% of the mobile device market, and its products were considered prestigious and desirable acquisitions. Since that time, the company has lost its share and suspect that Lenovo has repeatedly regretted its purchase of Motorola from Google. Nevertheless, the manufacturer continues to fight for its existence and releases new items. Yesterday we were shown an unknown Motorola cell phone with a main camera of 4 sensors, and today we can see what Motorola P40 Play might look like.

Motorola didn’t go for any designer’s feat and offered a typical approach to our days in creating the exterior of a smartphone. The cut is reduced to “droplets” interspersed with a single front-facing camera. Dimensions of the novelty were 147.7 x71.5×9.2 mm and such a thick case may indicate that a capacious battery was installed inside. Reduction element – microUSB port. On the back side, two image sensors were installed, where one of them is more massive and placed outside the unit with another sensor and an LED flash. As for the characteristics of the Motorola P40 Play, the information about them is extremely stingy. The source was limited only by the indication that the smartphone will receive a 5.6-inch display.