Meizu 16S on the new “live” pictures


Three years ago, for Meizu, things were going quite well, she was worthy of competing with Xiaomi products and it seemed that growth would continue. But the stagnation of the Chinese market, which has always been key for the company, and the release of a number of unsuccessful models led to the fact that the share of Meizu began to rapidly melt and with it came financial problems. But the producer does not intend to give up so easily and continues to fight for his existence. A few days separate us from the announcement of the flagships Meizu 16S and Meizu 16S Plus, and this boosts the number of leaks. Thus, a pair of live photos of Meizu 16S appeared on the network, demonstrating its facade and back panel.

The novelty traces the continuity of the features of the predecessor. It will be a thin frame device with thin indents on the ends. The company continues to practice symmetry in design, but decided to change the location of the main camera. Now it is not in the center, but in the upper left corner and there is still no clear understanding of whether a third camera appeared, which could now be inscribed in a ring LED flash. Meizu 16S received a display fingerprint sensor and rumored to start selling it on April 29.

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