Is the smartphone charging faster when it is off?

Huawei P30 Pro

A short time of the smartphone – one of the main problems. Manufacturers have begun to offer support for fast charging, which allows you to “pump up” the battery with the maximum amount of energy in a short time. And among the tips, as for a limited time to maximize charge the battery, sounds an offer to turn off the smartphone. The logic is simple – the mobile phone is idle and does not perform any operations, which means that there is no battery pack and it charges faster. The authors of TheUnlockr YouTube channel decided to empirically test whether the charging process really accelerates when the smartphone is turned off.

To do this, they took the Huawei P30 Pro and iPhone XS Max. Both cell phones with a zero-drained battery were alternately charged both off and on. In the first case, in 15 minutes the flagship Apple managed to charge from 0% to 9%, while for the Huawei product this parameter was 43%. Similar results were obtained when both smartphones were included. Between the two devices, the charging speed was not compared, because the Huawei P30 Pro has an undeniable advantage in the form of support for proprietary 40W fast charging technology. The result of the experiment: turning off the smartphone, speeding up the energy replenishment process will not work.

Experts estimate the cost of the cameras Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 +

How much is Huawei P30 in Europe? From 799 euros, and for the advanced version of the Huawei P30 Pro ask from 999 euros. There has already been a wave of indignation about this in the network, because the new products are not only more expensive than their predecessors, but also ranked along with the flagship Samsung and Apple. Meanwhile, the company itself claims that the Huawei P30 family is created from high-quality components and offers a number of innovations.

The main achievement is the cameras, which should change the idea of ​​what should be a mobile photo. Experts Cowen and Company decided to calculate how much are the components of the camera Huawei P30 Pro. For clarity, it was decided to compare the result with the cost of cameras Samsung Galaxy S10 + and iPhone XS Max. According to experts, the camera of the Chinese flagship was the most expensive – $ 56. The components of the Galaxy S10 + camera are cheaper by $ 12, while the cost of an iPhone XS Max camera is only $ 34.5. Experts calculated and the cost of displays of three competitors, where the most expensive one came out, which is installed in the South Korean flagship – $ 125. Buying a screen for the iPhone XS Max costs $ 120, and the Huawei P30 Pro has a panel priced at $ 110. Savings in the cost of the OLED-panel of the Chinese flagship is achieved due to the fact that the matrix from BOE is used here.