Huawei: before 2030, 6G networks do not wait


Huawei decided to talk about 6G. Yes, of course, not everyone who reads this article, even 4G is available. And you need to wait for the deployment of 5G, and it will take several years. Moreover, the convenience of using high-speed Internet will obviously have to be paid more and operators will need several years to recapture the money that will be invested in the implementation of 5G. But there is no limit to perfection and wireless technologies will evolve. But not as swiftly as perhaps we would like. Yang Chaobin, who oversees the direction of 5G in Huawei, believes that the 6G era will come no earlier than 2030. It is expected that the new networks will provide a bandwidth of several hundred gigabits per second. But these are only assumptions and it is still very early to talk about specific characteristics.

Huawei 2030

At this stage, the actual topic is the deployment of fifth-generation commercial networks. In developed countries, the 5G era is actively approaching, and the geography of the networks of the new standard will constantly increase. It is expected that full-scale connectivity around the world will happen in 2020. In our post-Soviet countries, this is more difficult. For two or three years, we will definitely have to rejoice at 4G in anticipation of the bright and fast future of mobile networks. But progress will definitely reach us sooner or later.