HTC applications disappeared from Google Play


The current state of affairs of HTC in the smartphone market looks bleak. Almost all the time we hear that the company has a plan, which ultimately should lead to a recovery of the situation, but all of this is mostly a good mine if you have a bad game. This year, HTC has not released a single smartphone and is rumored to be looking for those to whom it would be possible to lease its own brand. It does not add optimism to the fact that the Taiwanese brand has deleted a large array of its branded applications from the Google Play store – 14 utilities (calendar, email client, launcher, contacts and others). The purge took place from February to April, and at the moment there are only applications left untouched, working with virtual reality and a number of services.

At the moment, HTC does not explain the reasons for cleaning. A number of missing applications have not been updated for several months and, most likely, they simply lost their relevance and there are no more reasons to support them further. But there are also those that until today were alternative utilities, whose removal looks illogical and strange. Someone sees the collapse of the mobile business in the actions of HTC, and someone believes that the company decided to arrange a complete reboot. In particular, the manufacturer could make a difficult decision for himself – the rejection of the Sense corporate interface and the transition to the Android One platform. And in these conditions, branded applications are simply not needed. But at the moment, this is just a guess, but what HTC actually conceived, we’ll find out later.