Called the release time of Huawei Mate X


The times of smartphones with flexible displays have come. Someone has already managed to show their achievements, while others are only trying to enter the market with such a decision. Huawei among those who are at the forefront of flexible mobile phones and at the last exhibition MWC 2019 showed Mate X, which looks spectacular and is crammed with the most advanced technologies. It was extremely important for the company to present this mobile phone in order to prove to everyone that they are an A-brand and among the technological leaders driving the industry. Only on the development of the design of the fold and bring it to mind Huawei took three years. The price of 2300 euros will make Mate X a mobile phone for the elite. But when will these most chosen be able to purchase it?

Huawei Mate X

In Barcelona, ​​at the World Mobile Congress, the company promised that the smartphone will hit the market in the second half of the year. No specifics on the exact time of release, and it was also said that testing is still underway and the company must be completely sure that it is ready to go to the market. This led to the conclusion that Huawei Mate X is at the stage of exhibition samples and is not ready for production. But in one of his last interviews, the head of the mobile division of the company said that the new product will be released earlier than expected – in June. It seems that the Chinese are in a hurry and want to spoil Samsung’s plans to sell Galaxy Fold.