Blackview A60: long-lived budget

Blackview A60

If someone says that except Xiaomi nobody does normal cheap smartphones in China, then in part he will be right. Against the background of the same latest innovations from Redmi, all other devices are lost. But other mobile phone manufacturers do not even think of capitulation, occasionally trying to draw attention to their ultrabudgetaries. One of the latest creations of the Blackview A60, where a bet is primarily made on design and autonomy.

Blackview A60

If you are new to smartphones and first stumbled upon the name Blackview, then we say that this is a third-tier Chinese manufacturer that specializes more in the production of protected devices, but state employees also periodically leave it. So, Blackview A60 should be inexpensive, and it has a teardrop-shaped display that is fashionable for our day and an atypical size of 6.088 inches. This is an IPS matrix with a 19.2: 9 aspect ratio and HD + resolution. The smartphone is based on the archaic 4-core MT6580 chipset, there is 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of constant, dual rear camera, where the main sensor is 13 megapixels, and a decent battery capacity of 4080 mAh. The smartphone comes preloaded with Android OS 8.1 Oreo. Find out more about this and other devices of the company on its official website.

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