Announced the date of the premiere of Lenovo Z6 Pro


Lenovo’s mobile division continues to rush in search of a product that will allow you to talk about the company as a serious and strong player in the smartphone market. One of the “locomotives” of the promotion should be the Lenovo Z6 Pro, talk of which the manufacturer began to stir up interest from the MWC 2019 exhibition. From the promises of fantastic opportunities, they will now proceed to the announcement of the real product. The presentation of the Lenovo Z6 Pro is scheduled for April 23, and we can find out what the smartphone will be like.

This will be the flagship level mobile phone based on Snapdragon 855. Nowadays, when creating a top-end device, it is inevitable that they try to bet on the camera. Lenovo will also bend this line and on MWC 2019, she talked about the camera with the HyperVision feature, which allows you to write high-quality videos. In the work of the main camera, they intend to rely on a single sensor. And they also implement some ingenious software algorithms that will help create snapshots with a resolution of 100 megapixels. It is expected that we will show a full-screen mobile phone, but how to solve the issue with the front camera, there is no clarity. Perhaps, in the case of a novelty, the company will follow the path of the Lenovo Z5 Pro, offering a sliding slider mechanism.

At the moment, there is no understanding how such videos will be encoded and stored, although the new Snapdragon 855 platform already has a 14-bit Spectra 380 signal processor, which offers support for parallel video recording from two cameras at 36 frames per second with a resolution of up to 22 megapixels, them in one HEVC file. We still have to learn how all this will work in practice, but it seems that Lenovo has made a loud statement that it plans to take the video and photo recording to a new professional level. It remains to promise to go to the real implementation of the plan.